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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The 21th International Conference “Engineering for Environment Protection – TOP” will be a spe­cial occasion where experts on environmental issues can assess the progress in the protection of the environ­ment that has been achieved over the last two decades, and present new scientific findings and future trends in waste management.

The Conference is held under auspices of

Minister of Environment of the Slovak Republic
the Rector of the Slovak University of Technology

Conference topics

The Engineering and the Source Usage of Renewable Forms of Energy
     - the sources of recycled form of energy vs. the environment
     - the alternative energy from the aspect of environmental protection
     - the protection of environment components at the process of obtaining energye
Progress in the Waste Treatment Technology
     - the present status and the expected trends in concerned field (mechano-biological waste treatment, thermic waste treatment)
     - environmental Technologies (reduction of quantity of technological waste)



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Update 06. 03. 2015