Ladies and Gentlemen,

The 22th International Scientific Conference “Engineering for Environment Protection – TOP” will be a spe­cial occasion where experts on environmental issues can assess the progress in the protection of the environ­ment that has been achieved over the last two decades, and present new scientific findings and future trends in waste management.

The Conference is held under the auspices of:

  • Minister of Environment of the Slovak Republic
  • the Rector of the Slovak University of Technology

Conference topics:

I. Environment protection strategy (Guarantor: the Ministry of Environment SR)
  • Waste Management Program
  • waste management and and the new Waste Act
  • recycling society
  • voluntary environmental policy instruments (EMAS, ECO Label, Green Procurement,...)
  • best available technologies (BAT, BREF)
II. Material recovery (Guarantor: STU BA)
  • low-waste and non-waste technologies
  • "best practice" in the recovery of industrial and municipal waste
  • construction waste - a significant waste stream in national economy
  • municipal waste - a critical commodity in the system of waste
III. Waste from the automotive industry (Guarantor: ZAP SR)
  • waste in the vehicles lifecycle
  • technologies and equipment for recycling the waste from end-of-life vehicles
  • efficiency of the waste waste recovery chain in the vehicle lifecycle
  • effective cooperation and research platform as an efficient recovery tool
IV. Waste as an important source of energy (Guarantor: the Ministry of Economy SR)
  • effective waste treatment technologies in the form of fuel
  • facilities for energy recovery from waste
  • end-of-waste state, refuse-derived (RDF) and secondary fuels (solid, liquid and gaseous)
V. Renewable Energy (Guarantor: KUVOZE)
  • diversification of energy sources
  • effectiveness and impact of the use of renewable energy sources
  • technologies and equipment for renewable energy sources


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